Forget the New Year’s Resolution..

by Jamie Flinchbaugh on December 30, 2009 · 6 comments

..set a real goal instead. Resolutions are just about your intentions. But goals, when done correctly, are about your actions. Don’t resolve. Resolve is like hope. Only planning and action will move you forward.


Yes, it’s the goal setting time of year. But don’t set goals just because your company says you have to. And don’t do it just because the calendar is flipping over. Set goals because they help you focus your actions, your intentions, and help you manage and remove the barriers. There is no magic here. It’s just the hard process of sitting down the plan. This is the Plan of Plan Do Check Act (PDCA).

Free download

I’m offering a free download of a GOAL SETTING TEMPLATE. It is not rocket science, but I do find that many people have no such template. I find that they don’t think through all the steps necessary to make these goals a reality. I use this template for helping me set my goals and turn them into actions. I should be reviewing my own document monthly. I probably only do it every 3-4 months but do carry it around in my Levenger Circa notebook. I will be setting an action to do it monthly with calendar reminders.

I describe the template in the following video.

[viddler id-56ea22ac h-288 w-437]

In the video, I also describe why you should set MT goals instead of SMART goals, as many don’t get SMART goals right; even Chris Brogan didn’t get quite right in his video.

I also talk about the importance of identifying and understanding the gaps and barriers to achieving your goals. Hope is not a method, and barriers are real. Unless addressed, you will not succeed. Before setting your goals, you might want to also read the advice of Penelope Trunk and don’t also forget to include what you’re going to stop doing, per Danielle LaPorte’s advice .

So download the template, start your planning process, and share your experiences and lessons here in the comments.

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