The Benefits of the Stand-up Desk

by Jamie Flinchbaugh on September 7, 2010 · 8 comments

I’ve been in and out of a stand-up desk as I’ve changed offices or moved, but I’ve been an advocate for a long-time. Many people I know use one, including

  • my former mentor when I was at MIT
  • my financial manager
  • Kevin Meyer of Superfactory, who’s be a very strong advocate

I’ve been through several solutions, including a stack of books propping up my laptop on a window well and a cheap stand-up desk in my Michigan office at the Lean Learning Center. I’ve finally gotten my permanent Pennsylvania office solution in place, pictured here.

You won’t find this one any store; it was a gift from my parents and was fabricated from my great-grandfather’s refurbished old toolbox. I’ve paired that up with a large screen so I’m never straining my eyes or bending my neck, a Cricket laptop stand, and an ergo mat to make it easier on my bad knees [see affiliate links at the bottom of this post]. But even if you can’t have mine, I am a strong advocate of getting one for yourself. Here are the benefits I’ve found for myself:

  • Less back pain
  • Improved focus
  • More energy
  • More mobile

There are several posts out there summarizing the benefits, so if you’re interested in more, I suggest you check some of them out:

Have any of you gone this direction? How have you found the experience?


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