Reading List

I receive frequent requests for book recommendations. But there is no single recommendations. It depends on what topic you are interested in learning more about, and it also depends on your learning style. Some want a more academic book and some want a more prescriptive book. There are too many variables to turn this into a precise algorithm, but I can at least share my top couple of books depending on your topic of interest.

Lean Overview, Introduction, and General Understanding

Coaching Lean

  • Toyota Kata
  • Inner Game of Work
  • Coaching for Performance

Lean Manufacturing and Shop Floor Management

Toyota and the Toyota Production System

Lean Culture and Behaviors

A3 Problem Solving

  • Understanding A3 Thinking
  • Managing to Learn
  • A3 Problem Solving

Lean in Healthcare

  • Lean Hospitals
  • On the Mend
  • The Pittsburgh Way
  • Transforming Health Care

Entrepreneurship / Startups

  • Four Steps to the Epiphany
  • Business Model Generation
  • The Lean Startup


  • Man’s Search for Meaning
  • Start with Why


  • Leadership Without Excuses
  • The Path of Least Resistance for Managers
  • Principle-Centered Leadership
  • The Leadership Engine